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Assistant on-line editor is an Occupation listed under Editorial Department.

Translations Edit

Attributes Edit

Along with the common attributes you can use:

  • pilot episode
  • restoration
  • special edition
  • segments
  • re-cut version
  • reconstruction
  • special edition re-release
  • video version
  • re-cut
  • last two seasons
  • directors cut
  • extended edition
  • television version
  • tv version
  • all seasons
  • international version
  • new version
  • later in season
  • only in spanish version
  • original version
  • pilot
  • color grader
  • pilot epsiode
  • definitive version
  • digitally restored version
  • documentaries
  • early episodes
  • restored version dye transfer system
  • segment
  • end of season one
  • select foreign video
  • english version
  • existing version
  • extended network version
  • theatrical re-release
  • feature version
  • final episode
  • video segments
  • first season
  • home video

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