Costume production assistant is an Occupation listed under Costume and Wardrobe Department.

== Translations ==A Costume Production Assistant is a person who works in a costume department of a television show, film, commercial, or music video. Costume PA's are typically newly starting out in the industry and hoping to work their way up. Most costume PA's drive the designer to/from set, pick up lunch and coffee, and do many returns to stores, pick up costume orders, and are basically assisting the higher up costume team members. It is hard work that often requires a humble personality. Usually costume PA's are not paid much more then $100 a day and most days in a costume department can last up to 13 or 14 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week.

The job of costume PA does not require membership in either two unions that Costumers or Costume Designers belong to. However, working as a costume PA does not help a person to achieve the requirements set by the unions for membership as a costumer or costume designer.

The next step after Costume PA would be a promotion to Costume Coordinator, in which you would be allowed into the union.

Attributes Edit

Along with the common attributes you can use:

  • pilot episode
  • pilot
  • extended edition
  • last two seasons
  • last four seasons
  • all seasons
  • archive footage
  • intern
  • football sequences
  • final episode
  • set costumer
  • specialty costumes
  • exterior scenes
  • wardrobe supervisor
  • costumes

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