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Day player second assistant director is an Occupation listed under Second Unit Directors or Assistant Directors.

Translations Edit

Attributes Edit

Along with the common attributes you can use:

  • pilot
  • first season
  • multiple episodes
  • pilot episode
  • day player
  • odd episodes
  • one episode
  • two episodes
  • season five
  • several episodes
  • second unit
  • additional photography
  • new york shoot
  • original version
  • final season
  • last season
  • alternate episodes
  • uncredited in original version
  • second season
  • even episodes
  • pilot and multiple episodes
  • segment
  • second assistant director
  • season seven
  • title sequence only
  • uncredtied
  • assistant director
  • three seasons
  • unit production manager
  • first assistant director
  • football sequences
  • fourth season
  • odd segments
  • daily
  • reshoots
  • second block of episodes
  • series
  • episode
  • episodes
  • even segments
  • series one
  • exteriors
  • attached
  • comedy short
  • consultant in natural sets
  • credit only
  • credited only as editor
  • crowd scenes

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